Hoa Sen College công bố học bổng tuyển sinh 2023 - Trường Cao Đẳng Hoa Sen

Hoa Sen College announces admission scholarships for 2023

In the academic year 2023 - 2024, Hoa Sen College gives good news to incoming freshmen. With a total study promotion fund worth up to 4 billion 8 with 540 seats. This is the university's continuous efforts in expanding cooperation programs with domestic and foreign businesses to increase study promotion funds and ensure job opportunities for students. Let's take a look at the scholarships for admission in 2023: HSC Uni Path
  • Candidates who are excellent students of the final year of high school (9th grade / 12th grade)
  • Candidates are awarded a full scholarship for the first year.
  HSC Passport
  • Candidates who are excellent students for 4 consecutive years (grade 6 => grade 9) for the College program 9+
  • Passport Scholarship (College 9+) has 5 scholarships, worth 120 million VND each
  • Candidates are excellent students for 3 consecutive years (grades 10, 11, 12) for the regular college program.
  • Passport Scholarship (College 12+) has 5 scholarships, worth 60 million VND each
  Enterprise Scholarship
  • The Enterprise Scholarship includes 500 scholarships, each worth 6 million VND.
  • Candidates applying for admission in 2023 in the fields of Hotel Management, Restaurant Management, Corporate Accounting, Information Technology.. Priority is given to candidates who register early.
  Note: The scholarship is only applicable to students graduating from high school in the academic year 2023. See also: http://hsc.edu.vn/hoc-bong-hoa-sen/ Parents, interested students and If you want to register early to keep the scholarship, please contact:  CONTACT INFORMATION HOA SEN COLLEGE (HSC) 🏢Address: HSC Building, Lot 11 CVPM Quang Trung, District 12, HCMC ☎ Phone: (028) 7300 3566 Hotline: 0916 944 455 🌐 Website: www.hsc.edu.vn Zalo: https://zalo.me/624363585764242309   Admissions for 2023:
  1. Corporate governance
  2. Real Estate Business Administration
  3. Sales in supermarkets
  4. Ecommerce*
  5. Logistics*
  6. Import-export trading*
  7. Corporate accounting
  8. Hotel management
  9. Managing a restaurant
  10. Beverage preparation techniques
  11. Cooking techniques
  12. Office Administration (specializing in Medical Secretarial)
  13. Pharmacy *
  14. Nursing *
  15. Drug testing techniques*
  16. Beauty care*
  17. Information technology
  18. Computer network administration
  19. Graphic Design
  20. Commercial English
  21. Commercial Japanese
  22. Commercial Chinese

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