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Many job opportunities in Japan for students of Hoa Sen College

By cooperating with Akane Company, Hoa Sen College (Hoa Sen College - HSC) offers many paid internships in Japan for 6 months for qualified students in terms of professional skills and qualifications. foreign language level.

Studying at Hoa Sen – Working in Japan

According to Ms. Yamada Arisa - Deputy Manager of Human Resources Training Department of Akane Company, Japan is lacking a young workforce. The company urgently needs a team of skilled workers with serious working attitude from Vietnam. "In the first stage of coming to Japan to study and work, you will have a little difficulty, but it is a great experience when learning the culture, cultivating skills and experience at enterprises," she added. Akane Company has an office in Japan and is ready to support students in adapting to the new environment and living.

SV HSC di Nhat
Tran Vu Hoang Lan - Student of Graphic Design, Hoa Sen College on April 2 left the country to study abroad in Japan after graduating.

MSc Le Thien Huy - Vice President of Hoa Sen College also said that, in addition to a paid internship program of up to 6 months, students can continue to work long-term in Japan. Besides the necessary factors such as good foreign language ability; solid professional skills; students should actively learn about the appropriate culture and soft skills requirements. Mr. Huy said that this is an ideal shortcut for young Vietnamese workers to quickly improve their Japanese language skills, cultural experience and professional way of working.

Advantages for students of Hoa Sen College

With the cooperation agreement between Akane Company and Hoa Sen College on "Paid Internship", HSC students only need to complete 5 semesters at the school, reach a Japanese level equivalent to N5 to be able to join the program immediately. this training. Students who come to Japan can study and work at the same time and receive a monthly salary of about 22 million VND to cover living and study expenses, maybe even have personal savings. In addition, Hoa Sen College students also have conditions for all students of the school to have the opportunity to practice in Japan, Australia, and Taiwan when meeting the foreign language requirements of each country and territory. .

One hour of practice for students of Hoa Sen College

Internship opportunities at enterprises

College duration is only two years with 6 semesters. Therefore, if students know how to take advantage of the time to learn more from lecturers, accumulate professional experience and beautify their CVs, students absolutely have the opportunity to be recruited into businesses after graduation.

Hoa Sen College is a unit that focuses on vocational training, building for students a full-time internship at enterprises. This internship helps you visualize what the business really needs from its employees. From there, students self-improve the necessary competencies for the job.

HSC students learn from partner businesses through workshops

In the academic year 2023 - 2024, Hoa Sen College enrolls 22 majors in 5 main study groups: Administration - Service - Technology - Health - Language for training solid human resources with knowledge and soft skills appropriate foreign language skills. The school is constantly expanding cooperation programs with domestic and foreign businesses, increasing study promotion funds, and ensuring job opportunities for students. Thanks to the support of businesses, the school's 2023 scholarship fund is extremely attractive with 540 scholarships with a total value of VND 4 billion 800 million.

For more information about the fields of study, scholarships, and paid internship opportunities, readers can contact the following information:

Address: Hoa Sen College, CVPM Quang Trung, District 12, HCMC

Phone: (028) 7300 3566

Hotline: 0916 944 455

Website: http://hsc.edu.vn/https://tuyensinh.hsc.edu.vn/

Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper

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