Sinh viên Hoa Sen College thực hành tại Khách sạn Central Palace - Trường Cao Đẳng Nghề Hoa Sen

Hoa Sen College students practice at Central Palace Hotel

On the morning of April 5, Hoa Sen College in conjunction with Central Palace Hotel organized a practical day at enterprises for students majoring in Hotel Management.
On the morning of April 5, Hoa Sen College cooperated with Central Palace Hotel to organize a practical day at the enterprise for students majoring in Hotel Management. The representative of Central Palace Hotel supported and enthusiastically guided the students into implementation. In a professional environment, the students work hard, enthusiastically speak and practice in specialized subjects and easily apply transport from theory to practice. Hoa Sen College always creates favorable conditions for hotel management students to have the opportunity to learn more practically, to follow the profession quickly to get used to the job. Students are allowed to practice room service. The work of hotel room attendants is divided into several stages, each stage needs to follow the correct process to ensure the work takes place professionally and smoothly. The standards of behavior of housekeeping staff are also highly appreciated in terms of appearance, commonly used terms, department's working procedures and occupational safety standards at work.. Besides, the hotel room service is also very diverse, including many different jobs, spread at each stage of the guest's stay. The work process includes: receiving information about guests from the reception, preparing the guest room, checking the condition of items in the bedroom and bathroom, checking the electrical system, the system water supply and drainage and electrical equipment throughout the room, check the heating (cold) system in the bedroom, notify and update the room status. Room preparation is one of the factors that determine the quality of hotel services and takes from 30-45 minutes depending on the type of room / room size. Hoa Sen College always focuses on practical skills for up to 70% of subjects to ensure that students understand the amount of knowledge and professional skills of each profession to meet the standards of working in enterprises. Students are confident when possessing practical work experience when participating in job recruitment in enterprises.  

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